Haven Grove Guitar V – ES-355


This is my first ES355 shaped guitar. It is a solid body thinline version however, but still features an archtop which is also my first – completely carved by hand. I've always loved the shape of these guitars, along with the Les Paul, and I am very happy with how this one turned out.

One thing I have been keen to do is to incorporate some custom design into each guitar. For this one, I used inspiration of the headstock shape, and made a whale tail out of it.

For a long time, I've also wanted a white guitar, and while this one has come across as more of a cream colour, it works. It is possibly a little to yellow for my liking, but only changed after applying the clear coat (even though it is the same brand).

I had a lot of difficulty getting a good paint finish, and found (especially with white) that a lot of the imperfections made themselves more obvious.

The ES355 is fitted out with dual humbuckers, each with volume and tone controls. The three-way selector switch also allows for both pickups to be mixed together for a complete sound.

This guitar was finished in January 2016.

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