Chambered Telecaster


This is my second guitar build, though if I’m honest, it was the idea of it that motivated me to build a guitar myself in the first place. A while back I owned a chambered Squire Tele, but sold it to upgrade to another guitar. Looking back on it, I shouldn’t have. So I decided I would build one.

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The idea to use New Zealand woods was also a big part of the reason behind making one. When people think of New Zealand wood, they almost always think of Rimu. After doing some research, I found that as a wood, it is unsuitable for necks, because of its varying density, but would be suitable for bodies. As part of this, I found that Matai is a suitable hardwood for guitar necks, and upon getting myself a piece, quickly found it to be a joy to work with.

The rimu I managed to get was from an old bed head, and so had been previously finished. I stripped it all back, and upon sizing it, found that the pieces I would need would not fit the measurements for a correctly sized Telecaster. Whilst this in itself doesn’t matter so much, as a beginning guitar builder, it was important that I try to model my early guitars of existing templates and measurements.

As an artist as well, I decided that adding some New Zealand flavour to this guitar was important, and began carving in designs to the headstock and the heel; two traditionally blank but formative pieces of the guitar. These are mostly out of the way from detracting from the guitar playing, but adds uniqueness to the guitar design overall.

This guitar was finished in July, 2015.